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Guild Investment Management Inc.’s mission since its founding in 1971 has been to provide our clients with consistently high returns while minimizing our risk profile over both intermediate and long term periods.

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We provide fully discretionary investment portfolio management services to U.S. and foreign persons with individual accounts, pension and IRA accounts, as well as domestic and foreign investment companies.

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For Over 40 years, Guild has been managing successfully client’s portfolios in the global markets and has demonstrated an ability to perform in different market environments and macroeconomic climates.

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The Guild Global Market Commentary and the Guild Global Market Premium Commentary are weekly email newsletters. In both versions of the commentary we discuss global macroeconomic events and trends that effect global investment markets.

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Guild Global Market Commentary™

November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving To Our U.S. Readers!

Is solar reaching an inflection point?  When will it be time to buy solar stocks? 

Within a few years, solar power will be competitive with average electricity costs in many markets — even without subsidies. What’s on Putin’s agenda? 

Rewriting Ukraine’s constitutional order — and keeping the country out of NATO.

How will this affect European stock markets? Is QE over? 

Far from it.  Now that the Fed has stopped its QE program, central banks around the world are starting or doubling down on their own easing programs.  This . . .
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